Social Media Calendar

Schedule, track and post social media content

Social media marketing is a powerful tool to reach prospects and customers for business of all sizes. Your customer are engaged and speaking directly to brands through social media platform such as Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest. If you're not taking advantage of social media, you're missing out!

This template helps you organize your social media campaigns for any given platform. You can create and collaborate on your content, tags and images for each of your posts. We have included a couple examples of instagram and facebook posts to get you started.

Social Media Marketing tips

Here are some tips on social media marketing we use at Workestra:

  • Identify your audience: Know your customers and their pain points
  • Be specific: Generic goals such as “getting the brand out there” doesn’t get you results
  • Measure: Make sure you can track what type of content works and what doesn’t work
  • Be relevant: If you’re looking to get a specific demographic interested, post relevant content
  • Be consistent: Find out out when your audience is most likely to check their social media account


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