Marketing Essentials

Manage social posts, emails, events, and content

Marketing is responsible for everything customers and leads see that is related to a company. It's important to have the right marketing tools to be successful. Marketing organizations can be different depending based on the industry. However, there are core marketing essentials needed for every awesome team. We have have collected these tools as a few templates:

  • Editorial Calendar: Perfect for marketing content such as blog post, newsletters, Whitepapers,...
  • Social Calendar: Social media is critical so having a continues marketing strategy to manage your social posts is crucial. You can use this collection to manage your content, images, platform and publish dates for posts
  • Events: Managing events are super easy with this collection. Just add tasks, set a date and assign them to your team members

Marketing Essentials Tips:

To have an effective marketing workflow, here are some tips to get you started:

  1. Keep your data clean
  2. Know your customers
  3. Stay on target
  4. Optimize your email
  5. Boost your social media content
  6. Show instead of telling
  7. Know your competition

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Marketing Essentials: A quick start to manage your marketing team

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