Marketing Essentials: A quick start to manage your marketing team

Omid Borjian
Looking for ways to make your marketing team more efficient? I'd like to introduce you to the new Marketing Essentials template. You can now quickly start managing your marketing team in Workestra. Most teams use different softwares to improve their work and increase productivity. These tools are often hard to setup and take away from the overall efficiency of managing a team.

Workestra's marketing team uses Workestra

Here at Workestra, we use Workestra to automate many aspects of our business. Our teams use Workestra to mange Product, Marketing and Sales workflows. On the marketing side, every time I'm on the go and I comes up with an idea for a blog or instagram post, I use the mobile app to enter it as an "idea". When I get back to my desk, I add more details, a short copy along with an image to add a nice visual treatment. Once I'm happy with the edits, I mark it as "pending approval" for the head of marketing to see. If everything looks good, it gets moved to the publish state and that's it! We've got our content out in the world!

Marketing Essentials

We've decided to share our best practices in form of templates so you don't have to start from scratch. Like many of our features, we like to start lean and add to them once we get more feedback. Workesta templates are just a starting point, but you can easily tailor them to your specific business needs. Let's see how these templates can make you more productive with a quick overview. Templates provide a minimum set of structure, content and workflow for any given type of work or team. For example, the "Marketing Essentials" template gives you everything you need to manage content, social media posts, events and day-to-day marketing activities. We have included an example of the "Editorial Calendar" template from Marketing Essentials to show how managing your content with Workestra looks like.

In the Essential Marketing template you'll get the following collections:
    • ToDo's: Assign and track activities across your marketing team
    • Social Media Calendar (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn,...)
    • Editorial Calendar (blog, email, case studies,...)
    • Event Planning (events, conferences,...)
    • Creative requests (design requests, digital asset management,...)
    • And more
There are much more included in the Marketing Essentials template to manage your marketing team, but we'll let you give them a try and explore! In closing, templates are a quick way to help you get started with Workestra. The Marketing Essentials is the first of the many marketing team templates we have added to improve your team's productivity. Hope you enjoy these templates and give us feedback so we can improve them for you!

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