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Save time and money

Workestra makes the tools you already use to get work done better. Integration with Docusign, DropBox, Slack brings projects, tasks, documents and workflows into and out of Workestra.

Discuss and Manage Tasks. Centralize tasks from different projects, discuss solutions, and create new tasks on the go right from Workestra.

Easily share and collaborate on project files Use drag and Drop, Kanban style, and kick off workflows upon change or completion of tasks

Create a customer site with your own brand. Provide an easy way for customers to request and get updates whenever they want instead of calls, text or email


Bring everyone together

Integrated, intuitive work management that lets your team focus on the work that matters.


Create todos and milestones to break down the workload, and assign to one or multiple team members.


Make it easy for everyone to see what they’re working on, who they’re working with, and what comes next


Send real-time messages to your team and customers. Use the Workestra apps on your phone to stay up-to-date.


Capture notes, documents and information in one place. Collaborate with your team beautifully and efficiently.

One Platform for a better workplace

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Workestra Simple CRM

Sales Essentials: A simple CRM for robust sales teams

We like to share our best practices so others can get started quickly and adopt Workestra's simple CRM for their own sales team

team management

Easy work and team management: Workestra Basics

A short video on we created on Workestra's basics on work and team management. We've also added the transcript so you can read along at your own pace!

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No business is the same. We keep our pricing simple. If you have a large team, we generate a custom quote based on your business needs.

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